Everything's Bigger in Texas


See the beautiful bride twirling with her groom? That’s Kimberly Dunn one of the most outgoing, firecrackers I’ve ever met. How did we meet? Her band played a gig in Salt Lake City and my parents had seen her before so they invited my husband and I to come see her show. She was energetic and absolutely amazing on stage. I knew I wanted to hang out with her.

After her show, the band came down and said hi to everyone that was there. We talked to her and she mentioned that she was getting married to Scott, her guitar player, next year. I said, “Well, I’m a wedding photographer if you still are looking for one!” We followed each other on instagram and stayed connected, months later she asked me to shoot her wedding and I was the most excited girl ever! I called everyone in my family to tell them she asked me to shoot her wedding. hahah #FanGirl

So months later, my husband/assistant went with me to San Antonio, Texas and we had ourselves one of the best times ever shooting their beautiful wedding day. Kim’s parent’s hosted the wedding and reception in their magnificent backyard. You will see how amazing it is from all of the photos we took. One of my favorite parts of the day was getting Kim into her amazing custom Hayley Paige gown. Her sleeves come off. It is bad ass!

Welcome to the Willson Wedding :)