Whitehead's Winter Wedding Day

SLC Temple Bridals

Matt and Whitney... GOSH I LOVE THESE GUYS. I posted their engagements in the blog "Long Distance Lovers" and they were some of my favorites. It was a lot of scheduling because Matt lives in Seattle and Whitney handled it like a boss.  So, how was their wedding day? Magical. Wet. Amazing. 

"The real hero of any wedding is the mother of the bride. My mom dealt with bridezilla and picked up the slack of wedding planning while I was in my last semester of college. There’s really no way to repay her, I love you Mom! 

We stuck to our own traditions and had a breakfast instead of a rehearsal dinner, Matt and I love breakfast food. My sisters performed their own rendition of the wedding toast from the musical Hamilton and people told stories and shared their wisdom. Utah has had a record year with no snow but that didn’t stop the skies on our wedding day! The snow completed my winter wedding fantasy...except this wasn’t snow, it was slush. My now husband started singing, “it’s like rain on your wedding day!” And this is why I love him. 

I think I say it best when I say that besides choosing to marry Matt, Kaci as our photographer was my favorite decision! I didn’t make this decision lightly, my wedding photographer determined the fate of my Instagram. She did not disappoint! I am so grateful for Kaci sharing her talent with us-and for being our friend!" –Whitney (Sieverts) Whitehead

By the way, I just told Whitney to write some words about her wedding day, not to praise me haha! But, I really did gain new friends. I LOVE Matt and Whitney. Those are my favorite weddings. We had such a good time and I'm for sure visiting them in Seattle very soon :) I'm so lucky to have this career!