Wedding Day Photo Shot List: Making Your Day Stress-Free!


First of all, we aren't talking about a wedding drink menu. Not those kind of shots, but I like where your head's at!

I am talking about one of the most important lists that you and your photographer will be making together. This is a list to ensure no one's feelings get hurt and that you will have a picture to give Grandma Betty for her birthday coming up! 

Are you stressed about planning your wedding? Are you stressed about the timeline of the day? This will help 100%!

This is a list compiled of photographs that you may (or may not) want to get on your wedding day. I am including basically everything under the moon, then you can pick and choose which shots you want/need for you big day. Think of it like a cheat sheet. It will make you and your photographers stress levels go wayyy down on the actual day.

Typically you plan about an hour or so to capture the family photos for the day. Having a shot list ready will make it so you don't have to rush and tell Uncle Dan to come back because of course he is in the family group photo!

Another bit of advice for family photos; try and speak with the majority of the family before hand or pass out an agenda of the day so that everyone knows where they need to be to make this go smoothly.

PS: Sometimes impromptu dance parties happen while gathering everyone. My advice: break it down with them.


  • Entire Group (Everyone that is in the family/close friends. Example: who attended ceremony)

  • Bride's Entire Family (Extended, Immediate, with Groom)

  • Groom's Entire Family (Extended, Immediate, with Groom)

  • Bride + Groom with Both Sets of Parents

  • Bride + Groom with Groom's Grandparents

  • Bride + Groom with Bride's Grandparents

  • Bride + Groom with Maid of Honor and Best Man


  • Bride with Immediate Family (Parents + Siblings)

  • Bride with Parents (No groom)

  • Bride with Parents (with Groom)

  • Bride with Siblings Only

  • Bride with Mom

  • Bride with Dad

  • Bride with each Sibling

  • Bride with Mother-In-Law & Father-In-Law (Can be separate)

  • Bride with Maid of Honor

  • Bride with all Bridal Party

  • Bride with Bridesmaids

  • Bride with Groomsmen

  • Bride with Flower Girl

  • Bride with Ring Bearer

  • Bride with Cousins/Aunts/Uncles

  • Bride with Close friends in attendance

  • Generational shot: Bride, Mom, Grandma


  • Groom with Immediate Family (Parents + Siblings)

  • Groom with Parents (No Bride)

  • Groom with Parents (with Bride)

  • Groom with Siblings Only

  • Groom with Mom

  • Groom with Dad

  • Groom with each Sibling

  • Groom with Mother-In-Law & Father-In-Law (Can be separate)

  • Groom with Best Man

  • Groom with all Bridal Party

  • Groom with Bridesmaids

  • Groom with Groomsmen

  • Groom with Flower Girl

  • Groom with Ring Bearer

  • Groom with Cousins/Aunts/Uncles

  • Groom with Close friends in attendance

  • Generational shot: Groom, Dad, Grandpa


  • Bride + Groom with Pets

  • All girls

  • All guys

  • Silly photos - holding the bride/groom up, silly family faces photos, bride and groom kiss while everyone cheers

NOTE: These are all guidelines. You do not have to do any of them on your wedding day. It is YOUR day to decide how you want to celebrate it! Make sure you talk to your photographer as well. Some photographers do not use shot lists. Communicate beforehand so you are all on the same page. 

I hope this helps you as you continue planning your wedding day! Still looking for a photographer? Hey, I'm a pretty darn good wedding photographer who is looking for a bad ass couple like YOU to shoot for!

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