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Fairytale Wedding In the Asheville, NC Woods

This was a beautiful styled shoot and it was so cool peeking into their creative minds to see what they look for when picking vendors to highlight. One photo tip that everyone was mind blown at: Submit portrait images, not landscape because on pinterest they show up so much better. WHAT.

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Long Distance Lovers Engagements in Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT

Kaci here! Hi, hello, how are you?! I would like to introduce my newest clients Matt & Whitney. These little love birds were set up by one of Matt's friends a few years back and have been falling in love ever since.

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Antelope Island Engagements + Backyard Weddings for the Saratan's

This posts theme: Nothing can rain on my parade. Now, keep reading. Introducing the Saratan's... Meet Phoebe and Trenton. 

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