Big Cottonwood Canyon Engagement Session

Sierra & Luke met at a cute bar in downtown Salt Lake City named Gracie's. Have you heard the song Love In a Bar by Ryan Hurd you should go listen right now. I'll wait....

Okay great! Now, why is Gracie's important? Because that same bar where they met, is where Luke surprised Sierra with what once was a girl's night turned into her engagement night! I saw the video of him walking down the stairs to ask her to marry him and it was so cute and so them. I love the way they look at each other. 

So, we are from Utah and a short drive from where we both live is Big Cottonwood Canyon. This canyon is oozing with beautiful places all year around. (Careful in the winter because I have gotten stuck at a shoot... That's another story.) There are rocks, meadows, forests, windy roads, cool hikes, and more. I can't wait to share our beautiful canyon with this gorgeous couple.