Minnesota Couple's Destination Wedding in Park City, UT

Sound of music? Nope just Park City mountains!

Sound of music? Nope just Park City mountains!

Have you seen a cuter backyard wedding? Probably not after looking at these photos... I'll tell you why. I have never felt so much love in one room from people I didn't even know. When I first arrived to the stunning Park City home, I was greeted and shown to the bride's room. A room filled with the happiest Minnesota accents chasing little flower girls around. Everyone was happy and getting ready, nerves starting to kick in. As the time came closer to walk down the aisle, you could feel the mood switch to pure love. 

The bride, Ryann, slipped on her stunning dress and her mother helped loop in those delicate buttons. When Ryann turned around, all the ladies in the room gushed and immediately tears were flowing. She was stunning. 

You are probably thinking, yes girls always cry. What I wasn't ready for was going into the other room to watch the groom, Nick, get his tie tied with his mom and dad. His mom couldn't help but tear up every time she looked at her son about to get married to the love of his life. They suited up, and proceeded to give each other boutonnieres and corsages to his grandparents –periodically reaching for tissues. I was hiding my watery eyes behind my camera. You could feel SO much love in that room. 

Now, I don't want to spoil the moments. I will let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy my newlywed friends, Ryann and Nick Coltrain!