Miami Couple Elopes in Arches National Park


Is it just me, or do you want to hang this up on your wall even though you don't know them? 

I absolutely love when nature makes us feel so tiny. These pictures are some of my favorite from this breathtaking sunrise elopement. 

Hannah and Ariel are from Miami, Florida. They contacted me about 2 weeks prior to their elopement asking if I was available on a Wednesday to shoot their adventure elopement that she just started planning. I said FOR SURE. Because any elopement is a blast and it was in Moab! If you haven't been, bucket list, I'm telling you. 

They were going to get married in Miami at the courthouse, but Hannah said the adventure bug bit her and she decided a road trip was just the ticket. So, her parents and fiancé packed up and drove two days until they ended up in Moab, UT. I picked up her flowers on the way and that was it for decorations. Arches National Park had a decent backdrop, don't you think? 

It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this intimate ceremony. The exchanged their wedding vows in spanish, she wore a black dress, and they did it exactly how they wanted to do it. It was perfect.  #KaciBaumPhotography #LetsElope