The Thorup's Hawaiian Destination Wedding


Taco Trucks, 7/11 Slurpees, Hawaiian beaches, and 180 degree ocean views.... those were only a few highlights of what was nothing short of a perfect wedding day for the Thorup's!

"Trev & I looked for so many months for our wedding location. So, of course we would accidentally stumble upon the perfect one while looking for a tacos. We found the tacos and we found our venue all in one day and quickly became obsessed with both. Naturally, we had to have a taco truck vendored by the same company at our wedding because of this.

Trevor and I met in 6th grade. We were friends right away. You wouldn’t have guessed that considering I made fun of his last name for nearly that entire year calling him “Trevor Throwup.” We lived up to alllll of the 7th grade hype one year later when he became my first boyfriend. Hand-holding, school field trips together, sneaking into each others classes... all of the good stuff, really! We broke up after about 5 months because, hello. Middle school! But we remained BEST friends for an entire decade before Trevor asked me to be his girlfriend again and eventually, his wife! We moved to Hawaii, remolded a beautiful home together, bought our very squeezable fur-child Pancake, and finally tied the knot! Just call me Mrs. Throwup. Been up to nothin’ but lovin’ since our new favorite holiday; Free Slurpee Day." – Madison Thorup

The day started getting ready at a cute little vacation rental in Kauai with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Then, we all headed to the golf course. You may be thinking, why didn't they get married on a beach? Just you wait until you see the 180 degree view of the great big blue ocean behind them! It was exquisite. They had only their closest family there to enjoy this special day with them. After a Hawaiian marriage ceremony commenced, we took some pictures and then headed straight to the taco truck! Holy cow.

Tacos + Weddings = Magic.

One of the best parts of this day... 7/11 which means FREE SLURPEES! The couple had these cute little bride and groom illustrations of them made for the slurpee cups. To die for! Everyone packed up and headed over to 7 Eleven where we all grabbed a free slurpee! (Well done, guys!)

After we were full of sugar we went to take bridals. This is not any bridal session, people. These were taken in Allerton Botanical Gardens where they shot scenes from Jurassic Park! The scenery with Mads and Trev combined made for the most beautiful photos. It was photographer heaven. haha I was so lucky to be a part of this special day. I'm so happy I was able to capture this love. 

Take a look at this stunning Hawaiian Wedding. #KaciBaumPhotography