Lighting Store – Creative Photoshoot Draper, Utah

This is a lighting store. Search to find the photographer (me) #WheresWaldo

This is a lighting store. Search to find the photographer (me) #WheresWaldo

Okay why would I go to a lighting store for a photo shoot? There are tags everywhere, a million pieces of product, and customers. It's called pushing your creativity. I needed a creative project. I don't own a studio, I don't own professional lights, so I decided a lighting store could be a very fun and well-lit place to take photos. (I was right!) 

I asked my friend and super stunning/stylish human, Summer, if she could assist me with this fun project. She said yes and the results were just what I wanted. 

So, you will notice that I have this cool blur effect on the images. How did I do that you may be wondering? I took a clear Solo Cup and cut the bottom out of it. Then, I held it up around the lens of my camera and moved it around so I could focus on Summer, my subject of the photo, and blur the stuff around her. The chandeliers and extra lights around us played off of the clear cup spectacularly! I couldn't have asked for a better photo trick. Give this a try with different colored cups, shiny material, prisms, etc. Most of the time it doesn't cost more than a few cents or dollars. Let me know what you think of the results! 

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