Leti + Brand's Brazilian Bash at Louland Falls


When I walked in to the room I heard everyone speaking another language and I was thinking, "Oh my what have I gotten myself into..."

These Brazilian bombshells were all from Brazil and spoke Portuguese so beautifully and fast. I don't know a lick of Portuguese so I just sat and listened. Some of them spoke English as well, like my Bride, thank goodness. I was immediately excited because who wouldn't want to party with Brazilians?! 

When I arrived to Louland Falls, a gorgeous red rock event center in Salt Lake City, everyone was running around crazy getting things set up. We'll call it Brazilian time. (Everyone is late) haha! So, I pushed the mother of the bride and the bride to go get their makeup done while I finished decorating the centerpieces. Some people wouldn't have done that... but, you know my job is to make the Bride less stressed and overall happy with her day. Happy bride = Happy photos. Plus, I scored some brownie points with her sweet Mom. 

After everyone got ready, we waited for guests to arrive #BrazilianTime. There were about 60 guests which I thought was absolutely perfect. It was small, intimate, and perfect! The ceremony was done wonderfully by their Bishop that spoke Portuguese as well. They did it in both English and Portuguese. After the ceremony, everyone had bubble to blow as they walked back down the aisle. Such a cute idea :) 

Everyone mingled while we took a few photos. Then, they proceeded to the yummy Italian food that was served. Some folks hit up the bar (my party peeps!) while others met new friends or reconnected with family that flew in from Brazil. Now, my favorite part of the night. 

This is typically always my favorite part: The Daddy-Daughter Dance. Why? Well, I absolutely understand the connection of the Daughter and her Dad since my Dad and I are really close. These always tug at my heart strings. This one, was full of laughter, silence, and tears. It was the perfect storm of emotions for such a special day. I was so happy I got to capture such a significant moment on camera. 

Let's get to the pictures already!