2017 Anti-Bucket List, Not goals Just Accomplishments!

Best day of my life: October, 21, 2017 #TheUrry's

Best day of my life: October, 21, 2017 #TheUrry's

I got this idea from one of my newest friends this year, Nicole Seligman. This is how she describes the Anti-Bucket List... "An anti-bucket list documents all the things you already did, rather than the things you hope to do." I think this is amazing. I am a very optimistic, positive person and I always feel bummed when a year comes to a close and people post, "Thank goodness 2017 is over, it was the worst year ever, hopefully 2018 is better." Was it really the worst or were you only thinking of the negative things? It's time to focus on the positive side of the past year! 


Here are a few things to describe why my 2017 was bad ass.

I GOT MARRIED to the most amazing man in the entire world. We’ve spent 3 wonderful years together and finally sealed the deal in the greatest place on earth: Lake Powell! Also, I’m officially a part of the Urry family (Yay sisters!)


I visited Europe for the very first time including one of my favorite places: Amsterdam! We also rode a train through multiple countries and visited Paris for a few days (Bucket list crossed off seeing so many things and eating so many things too ;)


Got my nose pierced twice; first time in Amsterdam (didn't heal), then in Utah. hah sorry mom and dad... I also got another tattoo and its my favorite ever. 


Saw Lady Gaga for the first time and she is one of my idols! Baby, I was born this way!


I tried Pilates for the first time and I am now obsessed. Come workout with me if you are interested in trying it! #StudioCorePilates


I learned more about the universe, crystals, oils, meditation, energy healing, psychics, and loved every second of it. 


I went on my first trip by myself to better my career to Asheville, NC. Photo Rehab Workshop changed my life, my career, and I gained so many new friends along the way.


I took my first helicopter ride over Horseshoe Bend and landed on Tower Butte for photos on our wedding day. (Again, best day ever!)


I took huge strides in my photography career and did more shoots and more weddings than ever before! I’ve also started blogging and I created a whole new website. I cannot wait for my 2018 year. (Hey engaged couples, holler at me!)


I expanded my graphic design career as well and took on more freelance work which has been a blast.


I went to Nashville for the first time, where we danced our hearts out at country concerts, live music at the bars, went to my first NFL game (Go Titans!), and saw Guns N Roses for the first time live! I also met Buzz from The Highway and that was a bucket lister for sure. #HoneymoonGoals


I got bangs! That was super scary, but I was ready for a change and so far, so good ;)


Went to New York for NY Fashion Week with my mom and explored the super cold city ;) We also got in a crash in an Uber, that was exciting.


The year 2017 was full of fun, hard work, ups and downs and overall it was one of the best years of my life. I turned 21, went to a bunch of concerts with the best people, had so many awesome new photography clients, made tons of new friends, and watched my little fur baby turn 1! Thank you for all of the support from everyone in my life. I am the luckiest girl. Cheers to 2018!

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