Let me introduce myself.

Hey this is me! And yes this is how I smile 98% of the time haha #LargeMouthProblems #Happy

Hey this is me! And yes this is how I smile 98% of the time haha #LargeMouthProblems #Happy

YOU GUYS! I've been a photographer for around 4-5 years now and I've never blogged... I know you all are shaking your heads like uhh how do you even have somewhat of a business? I don't know... but let me down easy. I am a graphic designer by day and photographer by sunrise & sunset. Therefore, I'm kinda sorta SUPER busy. I know that "life" isn't a great excuse, but this year has been crazy. I have my own wedding in less than 20 days, a year old puppy, a full time job annnddd I'm trying to grow my photography business. Now taking personal assistant applications. haha jk.. kinda. ;) 

I love graphic design because it's super fun and creative most days, but photography is my passion. I get so excited about shoots and nervous too because it's like performing and you always want the next shoot to be the best shoot you've ever done. It's hard, fun, crazy, time-consuming, creative, exciting, emotional, and every other emotion BUT SO WORTH IT. I am making some great strides to grow my photography business even more so that I can be full time. It has been my dream for quite some time. You know what, life's too short not to chase your dreams. I have a good job that pays well, but ultimately photography is where I want to shine. Help me make it happen :) 

I am literally obsessed with my dog, Stella who is a Springer Spaniel (best dogs ever). We have about 5 in our family all bred from my cousins dogs. It's a blast! If you have a dog, please bring it to our shoots I will cry. Happy tears. Besides my puppy, I love my soon to be husband, Austin Urry. He is out of my very own fairytale. He is the most perfect person for me and I love him to pieces. I can't wait to marry my very best friend! (Side note, keeping my business Kaci Baum Photography but I will soon be Kaci Urry, in case you were wondering!)

You can read a little more about me on my new About Page as well. Just wanted to say what's up on my start of my blogging venture. Wish me luck! 


Kaci Baum