Jason + Dixie's Vintage San Antonio Wedding

On the wedding day, we drove down by the San Antonio Riverwalk and I captured the bridesmaids and bride getting ready at a nearby house. Then, Dixie got into the vintage police car with her maid of honor and drove to the Riverwalk. Their wedding ceremony was held in the most charming wedding venue by the Riverwalk, the Little Church of La Villita…

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15 Gifts Under $75 You'll See on Every Couple’s Wedding Registry in 2019

As a wedding photographer, you see the ins and outs of weddings. Throughout my wedding photography career, I have helped with the wedding planning details. Whether it’s providing suggestions for flowers, videographers, cakes, decorations, I have even given on-the-spot cake cutting tutorials, (I know, crazy)! 

Point being, I have been around every part of a wedding, and I have organized my own. A common gripe I heard about is setting up their wedding registry, what to add and where to create one.  Here are 15 Gifts Under $75 You'll See on Every Couple’s Wedding Registry in 2019.

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Kimberly + Scott's Rock n Roll Backyard Wedding in San Antonio, Texas

Meet the Willson’s. Kimberly Dunn is the lead singer of their band and her husband, Scott, is the lead guitarist. Together, they are the most beautiful rock n’ roll souls!

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