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I capture everything raw. I'm talking the nitty gritty, messy kind of love. Posed? Eh. Maybe if it is the groomsmen creating a human pyramid for the bride to climb up.

I strive to document the moments that will let you relive your day and most importantly, your moments, with your loved ones. Tears streaming down your face as you do your ugly crying with your Dad as you dance together. Unplanned stops to get slurpees. Black barefeet from dancing the night away.

I want it ALL.

Bridal Pyramid Big Cottonwood





THe Knot



Why am I a photographer? Why does it spark a fire in me?

There isn't just one thing.

I love the combination of creativity, freedom, excitement, and most importantly connections.

I get to meet people all over the world and get to know them on another level. I call my clients my friends and would do anything for them. 

I personally get to create my own connections while capturing the greatest connection of all... love. 

It's pure magic.

Kaci and Austin


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What should we wear to our Engagement Session?

Oh boy, this is the least of your worries! Why? Because I’ve made a What to Wear Guide to help you narrow it down. Once your contract is signed, I will be sending you the guide to review. Feel free to ask away if you have any more questions after reviewing the guide!


Can I bring my pet to our shoot?

Without hesitation, a million times YESSSSS! I'm the biggest animal lover. I love when they are a part of photo sessions and wedding days. They always show their personalities and help you guys loosen up too. It's a win-win.


How do you edit? Can you make me look skinny?

I edit every photo individually and remove any major distractions (acne, random objects, etc). I capture everyone as they are, because that is how I want you to remember that beautiful time of your life. You are beautiful inside and out and we are going to show that through art. Don’t worry you will believe it too.


What if I am still planning so I don't know what packages I will need?

Shoot me an email or let's get on a call! I've done over 30 different weddings and I would love to help you figure out how you want your dream wedding to go.  Traditional or not!


What if we are awkward in front of the camera?

Guess what? Me too. I know what that feeling is like and I know exactly how to help you. My job is to lead you through "poses" that show your unique love. You will look and feel like a natural. We will get you guys feeling comfortable in no time. That's why I love meeting you two before hand and I also send you a questionnaire to get to know you guys even better. Connecting is so important!


Do you travel?

You bet your bottom dollar I travel! Traveling is one of my most favorite things to do in the world. I would love to come along with you anywhere in the world. We can go over all of those details later.


When do I get to see the edited photos?

I’m just as excited as you! I will send you a few sneak peeks within a few days. I like to make sure all images are edited to the highest quality. I typically deliver full galleries within 3 weeks. 


Can I have all of the RAW images?

I do not give out any RAW images under any circumstances. I promise I will over deliver on edited images. You won't miss a thing ;)


What if we need to cancel or reschedule?

If you cancel your photo session or wedding booking, your deposit will not be refunded. If your event date has been moved please provide me at least 24 hours of notice. If we need to reschedule due to weather, no fee will be applied.             


What if you are sick or can't make it to our wedding day?

If for some reason I absolutely cannot make it to your wedding day, I will provide an experienced and professional back up wedding photographer. They will only shoot the wedding and I will edit the photos!


Can we hang out?

DUH! The best part of my so called "job" is that I get to make new friends. Let's go get lunch, coffee, or go to a dog park and hang out!


I will answer all of your questions

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