Hello, L O V E R S .

Whether you believe you true love, soulmates, or just someone to watch Netflix with; I am going to be your favorite third-wheel. I want to capture the real love between you and your partner. You guys play video games? Let's capture that! Your first date was at a tiny coffee shop? Let's go there and recreate your favorite memories. These pictures are for you – don't worry, you'll still be getting mad likes on Instagram ;)

As for your wedding day, I'm your right-hand woman. I'll be there through it all, hell sometimes I'm half the event coordinator. I'm your personal cheerleader throughout the day and I will be there to capture every moment. Not to mention, I'll deliver your edited photos within days. (Basically unheard of in the wedding industry). 

Hi, F A M I L I E S .

Your family photos aren't just posed studio portraits, they're documenting memories of baking cookies with your 4 year old. Be messy, be fun isn't that what being a kid is all about? We have all seen the crying kids shot. I love it. It is real. I want to play patty-cake, hide and go seek, blow bubble, play a board game. Yes of course, we will get those frame-worthy photos and throw in a few poses, but what I really love is having fun! Let's make family photos fun again, not painful!

Hey, S E N I O R S .

Senior year is finally here! You have worked SO hard and a new chapter of your life is about to begin. High School Seniors and College Seniors, I want to capture you in your element. I want your vibe to shine through these photos. Fashionistas – strut your stuff. Jocks – we are headed to the baseball diamond. This session is inspired by you, for you. Let's do it!